That specific scene in a videogame that no matter how many times you experience it, makes you as emotional as when you first played it

the best thing about staying w my aunt is that
she’s young
we’re a lot alike
my dad will be nowhere near

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he just can’t let it go

this just in: my dad is a teenage girl

as much of a city slicker i am going through indiana makes me p happy
i mean
i am from here after all

im coming 4 u fuckers

why he lick me


Link are you serious right now


ah yes ohio
aka corn

i like putting on my mom’s glasses bc it makes me feel better about my own eyesight

>firetruck goes down the road
its 7:26AM who the fuck is setting fires

i wanna sleep but i leave in like 30 minutes


my mom told me to put the dog to bed but didn’t specify which bed 

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