im quality to have on snapchat



here ill post these together!! luv this water brush

Because this didn’t come in my SAI and I bet it didn’t with other people’s, here’s a pack of more textures (including the lava one!!!). Go to your SAI folder and just dump the ones you’d like in the brushtex folder (or w/e you have it called)

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list of my childhood traumas:

-seeing purple ketchup

"the blackcurrant has been subject to restrictions in the United States as a disease vector for most of the 20th century." america is weird

some of that stuff they have just makes you question if its even legal




seeing those weirdass coloured ketchup as a kid fucked me up. like who the fuck eats purple ketchup thats so whack

big lots used to have a shit load of those peanut butter and chocolate ones and hooooly shit im upset they didnt have them last time i went


Hey what are you guys doing?! Can I come in?!

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Memorable Tumblr Puns 

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you told sakurai to give us lucas and ness thats exactly what he did

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1.) What is your middle name?
Michele because fuck the second l who needs it?? not my mother or me thats for sure

16.) Favourite movie?
Mr. Holland’s Opus or Scott Pilgrim vs the World

33.) What do you typically have for breakfast?
cold pop tarts and chocolate milk. every goddamn day. never varies. ever. it’s been that way for years like
i cant remember when it wasnt like that

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i searched up ‘hurdlers without hurdles’ on google and i dont regret it

these boots are made for walkin

The ol razzle dazzle


"it’s like freud always said," says the ‘psychologist’ character in the movie, making everyone in the audience who knows anything at all about psychology flinch involuntarily